What to Expect

After contacting Golden Gate TMS, an initial consultation with Dr. Richard Shapiro, a double board certified psychiatrist in both Adult and Forensic psychiatry, will be arranged. This consultation will be an opportunity to review symptoms, treatment history and discuss treatment options including TMS. Dr. Shapiro will also consult with any referring clinicians to coordinate ongoing care.

If TMS is the right treatment for you, the procedure can be started and will take several weeks. At the first two-hour treatment appointment, Dr. Shapiro will determine the motor threshold (MT) and the optimal placement and strength of the magnetic field. Each subsequent session will last thirty-seven minutes during which you will be awake, alert and comfortable.

After the each treatment sessions you can immediately drive and resume your normal activity. TMS is non-invasive, which means that it does not involve surgery, and has no systemic side effects. Any possible mild side effects such as headache or slight irritation or discomfort at the treatment site are likely to be temporary and can be prevented with small adjustments of the magnetic coil.

The usual course of treatment for depression involves five sessions per week for four to six weeks, although this can vary depending on your response. As you progress through your treatment, Dr. Shapiro will regularly assess your status and determine with you the eventual number of treatments. The following video illustrates this process: